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There are two pricing models at Technology From Mars: by the hour, or monthly contract.


Monthly Contract

All of our monthly plans include basic hosting, a content management system, and unlimited updates to your site's content.  The plans differ only in guaranteed response time.

  • Gold - $500/month - All updates will be made by the start of the next business day
  • Silver - $300/month - All updates will be made within 3 business days
  • Bronze - $100/month - All updates will be made within 1 calendar week

How can we do this?  Perhaps the biggest factor in our decision to offer unlimited monthly plans is the reduction in sales time.  We discovered that far too much time was spent each year on writing proposals, bidding on projects, chasing down missing or late payments, etc.  While our hourly rate may end up greatly reduced under these monthly plans, we think the reduction in headaches and time wasted is worth it.

Why should you go monthly?  When companies pay by the hour for each update to their website, they tend to put off updates longer than they should, or decide that it is "good enough" even though they really might want something changed.  Our monthly plans avoid these decisions: Is it worth $50 to change a page name, or update 2013 to 2014, etc.  If you want a change, just email us!  

Really, what's the catch?  These plans are not for everyone.  We designed these plans for companies who need frequent or semi-frequent updates, but don't actually have enough work for it to be worthwhile to hire someone in-house.  If your company needs so many updates (or such time intensive, complicated updates) that it becomes unfeasible for us to continue, we will let you know.  At that point, we can either develop a custom price for your monthly contract, or help you with the hiring process as you hire your own web person.  For example, a funeral home that needed a handful of bio pages posted per day, or a law firm posting news updates and law changes, etc would be fine on these monthly plans, but a newspaper that needed dozens of stories posted immediately throughout the day, or an e-commerce store listing dozens of items, etc would not.


Hourly Consulting

This is the more traditional pricing model for web development and IT consulting.  We charge $50 per hour, and only bill for actual time spent on your project or site.  You can hire us for anything web/IT/computer related, whether it is custom programming, website updates, web design, or even just helping you pick out a computer, tablet, or printer.



We are currently redesigning our website. We apologize for any inconvenience and will do our best to have the site fully functioning again soon.